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Frequently Asked Questions

Assembling all types of furniture, on the web since 2004

We have tried to answer any questions you might have int he list below.

If you have any other questions, why not try our chatbot, this is updated far more frequently and gets questions from our website as well as our social media channels and contains far more information than we could reasonably list here.

Our quote form and and booking process is so simple and quick, we recommend you give it a tryor watch our simple video to ssee how it works.

  1. Can I get a quote for building my furniture online
    Yes you can, would you like to start now? click here.
  2. I wish to cancel or amend a booking.
    Yes you can, just reply to the confirmaiton email you received for your appointment.
  3. I wish to make a complaint, how do I contact you
    If you require remedial work, we can arrange this, if you have a formal complaint we have a process that deals with this, do you require Remedial Work or to Register a Formal Complaint. All of the information about how to do this is found in your confirmation email.
  4. I need help assembling furniture
    We can help with all types of flat pack furniture and many other items.
  5. Do you install fitted bedroom furniture"
    We do not scribe panels to the wall or cut down plinths and cornices, because we do not carry the right tools to do this type of work.
  6. Is it safe to purchase furniture online
    Yes it is very safe to buy furniture online.
  7. Do you remove waste packaging - cardboard etc
    A waste carriers licence is required to legally remove waste and track waste disposal, this is costly to do, since the law was changed in 2006. We are no longer able to do so.
  8. Do you offer a kitchen or bathroom fitting service?
    No we do not install fitted kitchens or fitted bedrooms as we do not carry the right tools.
  9. Will you modify furniture to fit my room?
    Any modification of furniture will invalidate the manufacturers guarantee and possibly its compliance to British Standards (safety), so we will not do this.
  10. What if the furniture is damaged?
    If the furniture is damaged before we start you will need to take it up with the supplier. It is easy to spot as there are often tell tale signs of damage on the boxes.
  11. Do you have a minimum call out fee?
    Yes it is currently £50
  12. How much room do you need to build my furniture
    Generally if the item is lying flat on the ground, we require at least 30cm or 12 inches extra in each direction. If space is an issue let us know when we provide the quote.
  13. How long will it take to build the furniture?
    The time it takes to build furniture varies enormously. Ideally we need the supplier name, the product name and its part number, or an internet link.
  14. What if there are bits are missing?
    We carry limited spares for common components, but generally in our 16 years of experience, parts tend to be there.
  15. What if I am not happy with the furniture after you have completed it?
    If you are unhappy any way we will try to resolve it before leaving. If you notice something after we have gone, let us know and we will sort it out.
  16. What if I live in a remote location?
    Let us know where you are, we have commercial work all over the UK and can often respond to many remote locations even if we do not have someone nearby.
  17. Do you provide service on the Isle of white, Isle of man, Hebrides, Shetlands, Jersey or Guernsey?
    No sorry we only cover mainland Britain
  18. Where do you operate?
    We operate all over the UK in England, Scotland and Wales.
  19. Why have I received several quotes?
    You will only get more than one quote if you have asked us to do more than one job. This can happen if you want a disassembly doing at one place and a reassembly doing elsewhere.
  20. Do you reassemble / dismantle furniture?
    Yes we do, send us a photo of what you have, so we can see what needs doing.
  21. Can my skirting boards be trimmed?
    We do not remove skirting boards or cut them down. If an item needs to be attached to the wall, we will use discrete wooden blocks to make up the difference.
  22. Do you perform IKEA hacks on furniture?
    If it is something simple like a different suppliers handles because they are nicer of course, but otherwise we do not modify furniture in any way
  23. I am moving house and need my furniture moved, can you help?
    We can disassemble furniture, but we cannot move it for you.
  24. Do you offer a collection service from IKEA
    It is too expensive to provide this type of service, Ikea will deliver any size of order if you order online or over the phone for £29.
  25. How do I contact you?
    The best way is via chatbot or for something specific email is best we usually respond within a few minutes, you can call us as well however the phones are not always manned.
  26. What times are you open?
    We assemble furniture mainly during office hours, however we can accommodate other times. We will reply to most enquiries and other correspondence as soon as we receive it.
  27. What is the minimum clearance for IKEA PAX?
    For hinged doors you will need about 2 cm (203cm or 240cm). For sliding doors you will need more nearer 206cm or 243cm. Please remember to measure in several places.
  28. I am a business customer, can I be invoiced after you visit?
    Payment is due on completion and all our work is charged at a fixed price. We can issue an invoice in advance and this should be settled on the day.
  29. Can my furniture supplier pay for assembly?
    They can only do this if they have an existing arrangement with us, if they do not you will need to pay us and we can issue a receipt so they can reimburse you.
  30. Can I pay on behalf of a friend or relative?
    Payment is due on completion (advance payment discounts are available), so long as this payment is made you or anyone else can make the payment.
  31. My furniture is not from IKEA. Can you still help?
    We assemble furniture from all suppliers and can provide automated fixed price quotes for almost all items from all major high street suppliers.
  32. What forms of payment do you accept?
    You can pay by cash, card or online bank transfer. There are some discounts for advance payment
  33. I'm interested in becoming a fitter. How can I apply?
    You must hold the relevant badges from the FlatPack.org.uk, please visit our recruitment page to find out more http://www.FlatPackAssemblers.co.uk/Recruitment
  34. Can I pay my fitter by card once the work is complete?
    We only take payments online, our assemblers do not carry card reading machines.
  35. Do you offer any discounts
    The only discounts we offer are of you pay in advance on certain items.
  36. When can a customer schedule an appointment?
    We provide our services 5 days a week. Evening and Weekend requests are accommodated where possible and may be subject to an additional charge.
  37. Can specific appointment times be made?
    We offer a one hour slot, when the appointment is made and on request can text you on the day 10-20 minutes before we arrive with a more accurate time.
  38. Will the technician move the furniture?
    Please ensure the packages are as close to where they will be used. It is not always easy to move furniture once it is assembled.
  39. Does provide a warranty or guarantee for your work?
    We provide a 12 month guarantee of assembly workmanship from the date of assembly.
  40. How do you charge?
    We charge a fixed price for each item subject to a minimum fee of £50 (£75 in some areas), we have over 20,000 items in our product database to calculate this.
  41. Do I need to supply any tools?
    No we are professionally trained and carry all the tools necessary to do the job.
  42. What insurance do you provide?
    We have £2m of public liability and personal indemnity insurance, which will cover you for any accidents that could happen.
  43. Who are your assemblers
    A variety of qualified and vetted self employed assemblers. Each one has obtained a series of badges from http://www.flatpack.org.uk to demonstrate their skill and competance.
  44. What happens if there are parts missing or damaged?
    Missing and replacement parts need to be obtained from the supplier. We carry limited spares and where we can we will use these.
  45. What about parking and Congestion Charge fees?
    Parking and congestion charges need to be paid to the assembler once he has done the job. Generally in London our assemblers use public transport.
  46. What do you build?
    We build all household furniture including garden furniture and exercise equipment, but not climbing frames, wendy houses sheds and trampolines.
  47. What do you not build?
    We do not build sheds, wendy houses, trampolines or climbing frames or other outdoor items like this.
  48. Do you build tables, storage units, tv stands, entertainment systems, sofas/settees/counches/chez longues?
    Yes we do.
  49. Do you build beds, bedside cabinets, nightstands, wardrobes and cupboards?
    Yes we do.
  50. Do you build sideboards, bookcases, dressers and desks?
    Yes we do


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How We Work

How we provide our service to you

  1. Get a Quote
    • Use our online quote engine to get a quote for the furniture you want assembling.
  2. Book an Appointment
    • We will then ask you to give us 3 dates when you want us to come.
    • We will confirm the appointment we can do within 1 hr (during normal opening hours).
    • Choose to Pay Now (10% Discount) or Pay On Completion*
  3. We do your Job
    • We will arrive within your appointment start time (1 hour window ie 2-3pm).
    • We will assemble your furniture.
  4. After the Job
    • Our Assembler will close the job down.
    • We send you payment details (*) and a link to close the job, provide feedback etc.
    • We send you a receipt and our guarantee.



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