We Assemble Furniture For People Like You

We tend to get two reactions when we tell people that we assemble furniture. Firstly, people look incredulous and say, "What people will pay you to assemble furniture? ButÖ" or they say, "Wow you assemble furniture that's a brilliant idea?".

The truth is there are many people who find assembling flat pack furniture straightforward and just get on with it. There are also a large number of people who find an assembly service appealing for the following reasons:-

At the end of the day, since we specialise in assembling furniture, we are confident:-

With all this experience we are also very fast at assembling furniture, often taking 25% - 30% of the time a competent DIYer would take to build an item. This means we can assemble in a single day what it would take a competent DIYer almost FOUR SUNDAYS to do.

I always say, "We assemble furniture, and thatís a brilliant idea because..."