We Assemble Childrens Furniture

There are many types of children's furniture available on the market. Most of it is relatively straight forward to build, however some of the space saving combination furniture that are often designed for children can be a challenge. There are two key points to consider when building the more complicated items childrens furniture.

  1. Break the furniture down into it's constituent parts. This will give an idea as to how long it will take. So if the combination bed has a bed, three drawers, three shelves and a cupboard, then think of it as four items of furniture: a bed; a chest of drawers; a small bookcase; and a cupboard.
  2. All high beds, such as childrens bunk beds and loft beds*, require by law to have all the slats on the top bunk screwed down, the slats must run evenly space throughout and they must be flush with the head and foot boards.

*A loft bed is a children's bed which is high up off the ground (like an upper bunk) but which has other childrens furniture below, such as a cupboard, desk, settee etc.