How to Assemble a Flatpack Wardrobe

Assembling a flat pack wardrobe is generally fairly straightforward. In most cases you assemble the wardrobe as follows:-

  1. Assemble the wardrobe carcass on its side. At this stage the flatpack wardrobe is flimsy and you need to be careful to ensure it does not twist and collapse.
  2. Turn the carcass onto itís front and nail on the back panels. This requires space, some strength and care to tilt the wardrobe over so that rests without taking any strain on the delicate joints. Adding the back solidifies your flatpack wardrobe.
  3. Stand the wardrobe up, position the wardrobe, proceed to add the internal parts and hang the wardrobe doors.

In some cases you have to assemble a flatpack wardrobe standing up. This is most common where there is limited space. Whilst most sliding door wardrobes are designed to be assembled standing up, some are not (notably Ikea Pax Wardrobes) and hinged door wardrobes tend to be more difficult to assemble in this way. The key trick is to build a corner of three pieces for rigidity. This is done by adding one side to the base and attaching the back. Once you have completed this step, there should be sufficient rigidity in your construction to allow successful assembly of your flatpack wardrobe.