Furniture Assembly

In general furniture assembly refers to the process of building items of furniture supplied in a flat pack form. These items are commonly referred to as flat pack furniture or ready to assemble furniture.

Whilst many people find assembly of this furniture simple and straight forward, many people find it difficult. This can be for a variety of reasons:-

Furniture assembly however need not be a burden. If you cannot do it or do not want to do it for what ever reason there are many services to help you. Also if you get stuck there is plenty of information available at:-

Furniture Assembly Service - This site provides a list of furniture assembly teams throughout the UK who can assist you.

Furniture Assembly Advice - This site provides a wealth of information if you have got stuck at any point. As well as more detailed furniture assembly information it also provides useful info on what to expect and do when you buy, order, receive delivery and assemble your furniture in the UK.