Assemble a Flat Pack Wardrobe

If you want to assemble a flat pack wardrobe, it is generally fairly straightforward. Often you will assemble the wardrobe as follows:-

1 Assemble the wardrobe standing on its side. First lay one side on the floor and attach the top and bottom pieces. At this stage the Flat pack wardrobe structure is weak, so you will need to be careful when moving it otherwise you might have a flat pack disaster. 2 Carefully tilt the structure onto its front and then nail on the back panels. Once you have added the back of the flat pack wardrobe you will have made the structure solid. 3 Finally stand up the flat pack wardrobe you are assembling, place it where you want it to be used and add the internal parts before finally hanging the wardrobe doors.

If you have to assemble a flat pack wardrobe standing up you can. This is normally required where space is limited. Most sliding door wardrobes are designed to be assembled standing up, a notable exception to this is the Ikea Pax Sliding Door Wardrobe).Hinged door wardrobes tend to be more difficult to assemble standing up. In all cases you must get three pieces of the final wardrobe connected from three different planes, this means a side panel, the base and a back piece. Once you have formed this peice, there should be enough rigidity to allow you to add the remaining pieces to successfully assembly of your flat pack wardrobe.