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Service and Pricing


Building Flat Pack Furniture -Office Furniture, Beds, Wardrobes, Shelving Units, Chest of Drawers, Desks, Workstations, Tables, Chairs etc

Remedial Work of Part Assembled Units - We will attempt to rectify poorly built furniture*

Finishing Off Work - It may be that completing a unit, by fixing it to the wall or hanging the doors is required*

We have also assembled a wide variety of items that are not quite what you would normally call "flat pack furniture". We have assembled: children's climbing frames, garden sheds, dry saunas, multi-gym equipment, bicycles, barbeques etc. REMEMBER: We assemble only, so if your job requires design, an onsite assessment or measuring and cutting then we do not take on these jobs. If in doubt please call your local assembler for an informal chat.


All estimated prices on this website are based on the following:

1st Hour or part there of: £35
Susbequent hours or part there of: £25

Each assembler has a thorough knowledge and expereince of assembling flat pack furniture and provided you give an accurate description of the furniture to be assembled, the assembler can give a reasonable estimate, such as 3-4 hours (i.e. £85-£110).

Please note, individual assmblers rates may vary.

Estimate Exceptions

These factors affect how long a job will take:

    • If the area is too small the job will take longer.
    • As a yardstick imagine the largest peice laid out on the floor and add sufficient room to move about it (about 1M in each direction) i.e. if your wardorbe is 2m x 1m, then a 3m x 2m space is required. For those using Imperial measurements a 7 ft x 3 ft robe would need about 11ft x 6ft to work in.
    • Please clear adequate space before the assemblers arrival to ensure (s)he can get the job done as quickly as possible.
    • Your assembler will only know what you have told him needs assembling. If you forget to mention something or assume that say internal items (such as drawers or tie racks) in a wardrobe are included in the estimate this may not be the case, the job may take longer and therefore cost slightly more.
    • Drawers are the most deceiving item to assemble as each one can add 5-15 minutes to a job, dependent on the design.
    • If the furniture is located far from the assembly room, it may take a significant amount of time to carry the goods. If this adds a significant amount of time to the job the assembler may charge for this service. Try to get the company dleivering the goods to carry them to the room of your choice.
    • Anyone removing rubbish from your property needs to be licenced as a waste carrier. If they are not both you and the person removing the rubbish may be fined by Defra. Please ask the assembler if he can remove the rubbish and if he has a licence to do so. There will be a separate charge for this, due ot the adminsitration involved.