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Sliding Door Wardrobes
Hinged Wardrobes
Ikea Pax
Chest of Drawers  & Dressers
Dining Tables & Chairs
Sofas & Settees
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Probably the most complex a varied flat pack item:

Sliding Door Wardrobes:

Often made by Rauch, sold by Argos, Ikea, Ilva, Harveys etc usually take 2-3 hours dependant on the space available, and the number of doors.

Some sliding doors need to be assembled from smaller panels, so add a further hour for this (mainly Ikea & Ilva).

Hinged Wardrobes:

Usually about 1hr for a 1-2 door robe then add another 30 minutes per door or 10 minutes per drawer. However most 3-4 door robes (mainly from Argos) will take about 2 hours.

Ikea: Pax and similar related wardrobes

Simple: 1 Hr
The carcass whether a single or a double usually takes about an hour to assemble and hang hinged doors on.

Extras: 10 Mins each

Ikea provide various internal bits for their wardrobes, called Komplement fittings. These are like a pick and mix. Each item usually takes about 10 minutes to assemble and install, though some such as shoe racks take a while.

If you buy two double robes you will have a wardrobe 2 m wide which will take 2 hours to assemble. If you buy two singles and one double you will still have a 2m wide robe, but it will take 3 hours to assemble.

Also once you get beyond 2m in width, uneven floors make levelling difficult and can add a further hour to each job. Corner units can be particularly challenging and can take much longer.


Virtually all beds can be assembled in 30-45 minutes with the following exceptions:

Cabin Beds (Children's beds with a cupboard, drawers etc from John Lewis, MFI, Ilva, Argos etc) - 2-3 Hours

Complex Beds (Mainly Argos with multiple drawers underneath) 2-4 hours

Settee Beds - usually a bit longer, so about one hour.
Hinged Storage Beds (usually Habitat) - Powerful sprung hinges make lifting the bed with the mattress on top easy. When assembling this mechanism two people are required, and takes about one hour, this is charged as 2 man-hours so if this is the only item the cost would be £70 not £60 to cover the additional call out.

Chest of Drawers  & Dressers

The carcass usually takes about 30 minnutes, then add 10 minutes per drawer (size doesn't count!) so:

Chest of 3 drawers ~60 mins
Chest of 6 drawers ~90 mins
Chest of 9 drawers ~120 mins


A simple desk with legs is about 30 minutes work.

Virtaully all combination desks can be done in one hour, but consider its component parts, if it has say 2 filing cabinet parts to it each will take about one hour to assemble plus the rest of the desk so this might well be a 2-3 hour job.

Dining Tables & Chairs

A dining table will usually take 15-30 minutes, plus 15 minuntes for each chair. Some simple stylish tables from Habitat can take over an hour, simply due to the weight of them and the type of fittings required.

Sofas & Settees

These usually take 30-60 minutes, but upholstered items can be tricky to deal with. Also Nextra sell sofas which are like a complex jigsaw to put together they arrive in a pallet on your drive and off goes the truck driver. When assembled they look great, and usually take 3-4 hours to assemble.

These usually take 2-3 hours to assemble depending on the supplier.

Bookcases, Display Cabinets etc

Usually about 30 minutes (typical dimensions 1 m wide by 2 m tall), if it is 2m wide double it, if you have bought doors, a drawer or lighting add another 10 minutes for each.


We do not do MFI bedrooms as these are more or less fitted bedrooms and not simply furniture assembly. We cannot therefore price them and deliver the service in the same way. We recommend you use the MFI installation team indicated on your receipt. The assembly times / prices indicated on this page can be increased 2-3 times and accordingly our prices are therefore similar to the MFI installation teams prices. We beleive you are better off dealing with one company in this case should any problems arise. 

Apartment Packs for Buy to Let / Landlords?

Space Furnishings provide a full service for the buy to let investor. So whether you have one apartment or more to furnish we have a range of packs to suite your budget and requirements. All packs include:

Delivery - Unpacking - Assembly - Packaging Removal

Flat Pack Furniture to Buy
Space Furnishings provide a broad range of household furniture, with the option of assembly where flat pack is pruchased such as wardrobes, beds, cabinets etc.

Go Direct!
You now contact the assembler directly. This removes our overhead and cuts your costs. You still get the same high standard of flat pack assembly but at a lower price. Many of the assemblers listed also or used to sub-contract for other national assembly companies, so why pay more than you have to? 

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