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All work is contracted directly with the flat pack assembler you choose and independent of this website.

The assembnlers listed on this site are self-employed and have been interviewed and on the job assessment has been completed.

In the unlikely event you have a problem with service which you find unacceptable and you wish to make a complaint about any of the assemblers listed on this website, please use the form below to make your statement. Our policy towards this is as follows.

We operate a 3 strikes and out policy, which means if 3 independent complaints are made about the quality of an assembelrs work within a six month period then their details will be removed from the site.

This is the simplest and fairest approach to ensuring an isolated disagreement does not affect all of an assembelrs work, yet allows consistently poor performance to be identified swiftly.

If you wish to seek redress regarding the work done by an assembler and cannot reach a satisfactory solution with the assembler in question please take the matter up with Trading Standards.

New Assemblers

If you are interested in becoming an assembler please follow this link to find out more.

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Apartment Packs for Buy to Let / Landlords?

Space Furnishings provide a full service for the buy to let investor. So whether you have one apartment or more to furnish we have a range of packs to suite your budget and requirements. All packs include:

Delivery - Unpacking - Assembly - Packaging Removal

Flat Pack Furniture to Buy
Space Furnishings provide a broad range of household furniture, with the option of assembly where flat pack is pruchased such as wardrobes, beds, cabinets etc.

Go Direct!
You now contact the assembler directly. This removes our overhead and cuts your costs. You still get the same high standard of flat pack assembly but at a lower price. Many of the assemblers listed also or used to sub-contract for other national assembly companies, so why pay more than you have to? 

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